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Fostering Business Profile: Steve Turmell Visual Communications

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If you’ve been on Foster lately, you may have seen the colorful and informative Foster Road Map and wondered about the talent behind the artful layout, especially since our street is at a diagonal, a challenge for any design professional. Wonder no more, we are here with an exclusive member profile of local designer Steve … Continued

Fostering Business Profile: Gray Dog Digital

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Gray Dog Digital is run by our newest board member, Allen Rowand. They provide technical support and consulting services for individuals and businesses. They work with computers, networks, data storage and backups, web sites, audio/video media and more. They strive to find creative solutions to their client’s needs, and help them understand and get the … Continued

Pub Crawl and Pilot Project at the June 2016 Meeting

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June’s meeting opened up with some really good news. Heather Hoell from Venture Portland came by to tell us that the East Portland Pilot Project, which we have been participating in for the last year was extended! That means that the staff person, grant money, and special advocacy we’ve benefited from in 2015-16 can continue … Continued