Foster Area

Planters in storage, awaiting the dirt!

FABA is going to be putting planter boxes on Foster, thanks to a grant from Venture Portland. We’re also being supported by and Mt. Scott Fuel through generous discounts on supplies, planning, and labor.

We’re asking any members that are able to help with the cost of the project; each planter box is going to cost:

  • $90 for the container
  • $10 for dirt (after our discount)
  • $75 for plants
  • Labor for installing the planters, filling them and planting

We estimate the total to be around $250 per box and we have 21 containers- that’s $5250. We received a $3300 grant, so we need to cover at least $2000. The project is definitely happening, and FABA will be covering whatever is left after the donations. But your help is appreciated, and will leave us with more funds for other projects.

The easiest way to donate is to use the form below. If you’re more comfortable giving us a check please email to arrange pickup. We appreciate ANY help you can give, and it’s ok if you can’t contribute financially. There’s plenty of work to be done to keep Foster moving forward.