Foster Area

  • Picture of Portland Wine Company

    Portland Wine Company

    Portland Wine Company Learn More

  • Picture of Variety Records

    Variety Records

    Neighborhood record store specializing in vinyl, VHS, DVDs, CDs and cassette tapes. Learn More

  • Picture of Electric Lettuce

    Electric Lettuce

    Freshest greens. Best prices on the block. Learn More

  • Picture of Left Field Garden Supply

    Left Field Garden Supply

    Neighborhood shop in SE Portland for gardening enthusiasts stocking seeds, tools, books, organic fertilizer, and animal supplies. Learn More

  • Picture of Kitchen Culture

    Kitchen Culture

    Kitchen Culture is a unique kitchenware store in Portland, Oregon Learn More

  • Picture of Higher Self

    Higher Self

    Higher Self offers a highly curated vibe of art, accessories and gifts that are made by local and independent artists. Learn More

  • Picture of Wild Mountain Wax Co.

    Wild Mountain Wax Co.

    Artisan-crafted home fragrance & apothecary goods inspired by the wild Pacific Northwest Learn More

  • Picture of The Headstrong Hound

    The Headstrong Hound

    A woman-owned pet supply store that puts women and BIPOC owned pet brands in the spotlight. Learn More

  • Picture of Larkspur Botanicals

    Larkspur Botanicals

    A Community-Oriented Plant Gallery Learn More

  • Picture of Foster Outdoor

    Foster Outdoor

    New and consigned outdoor gear Learn More

  • Picture of Hammer & Jacks

    Hammer & Jacks

    Your local toy store Learn More

  • Picture of Bodega PDX

    Bodega PDX

    Fosters newest craft beer market with all your favorite munchies and mini mart classics. Large selection of soda, snacks and spirits! Learn More

  • Picture of Art Supply Center — I’ve Been Framed

    Art Supply Center — I’ve Been Framed

    Portland’s Oldest Art Supply Store Run By Artists For Artists! Learn More

  • Picture of Red Castle Games

    Red Castle Games

    Red Castle Games is a local game store located in SE Portland, OR specializing in board games, card games, role-playing games, & tabletop miniatures games Learn More