Foster Area

A woman-owned pet supply store that puts women and BIPOC owned pet brands in the spotlight.

The owner, Emily, is a multiracial woman whose maternal great-grandparents were migrant Mexican farmworkers and paternal grandparents are from the Philippines. She has a rescue greyhound named Bowie and a cat named Mod. She grew up in southern California with her amazing and motivated single mom, Michelle. Her family has a long history in the pet industry. Her Grandparents, Robin and Frank, were Champion Afghan Hound Breeders whose kennel was established in the 1960s. Her mom was an accomplished barrel racer and horse trainer in her youth. These wonderful family members pursued their passion to work with animals while also working full-time jobs. Their hard work and passion influenced her to pursue her dreams in the pet industry.



6544 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97206
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