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Few things can change the course of your legal matter like a good attorney. For criminal defense, DUI, and traffic ticket defense call Dore Law Firm


I spend time with my clients. I’ll help you understand your legal claim or the charges against you, whether it’s a DUI case, traffic ticket case, criminal case, or something else. We’ll explore your options and figure out which path will be best for you. We’ll work together to resolve your problem. If we can’t get you out of the situation without any trouble, we’ll find a way to minimize it.

I’m dedicated to being your attorney. I won’t tell you what to do or make you do anything. You choose the goals and I’ll do my best to make sure we reach them.


I’ve handled thousands of cases, hundreds of motions and taken over 80 cases to jury trial. I’ll use every tried-and-true (and some new-fangled) method to throw out evidence, convince the prosecutor they can’t prove their case or explain your side to the jury.

I want to help you.

When you have legal problems, you need someone that wants to help. The best feeling I get in my work is to help a client get to their best possible outcome.

Let Doré Law Firm in Portland help you. Contact me today to discuss your case in a free half-hour consultation.


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