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Representative for Cumulus Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC
Get Ready to Take Control of Your Finances

I help small businesses maximize profits by taking the guesswork out of bookkeeping.

You wear many hats as a small business owner. You focus your time and energy on getting and keeping customers and providing the best service for your clients. Generally, you are pretty organized and proactive when it comes to your business. You know that bookkeeping must get done in order to file your taxes. Maybe you have been trying to keep up with your books but you have a nagging feeling you are missing something or not doing it right. Or maybe you are delegating the bookkeeping to a family member or employee and trusting they are doing it right. Or…maybe you have given up or never even started bookkeeping 😤. You wait all year until tax time and then plop a cardboard box of statements and receipts on your CPA’s desk. Do you remember the look on their face? Do you remember the bill they charged you to do basically a year’s worth of bookkeeping in a very short amount of time?

Imagine a world where tax time rolls around and you feel no stress. Your bookkeeper has been accurately tracking everything all year. She simply emails a few reports to your CPA, and your taxes are done!


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