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Representative for Chris Correnti, Portland Digs Real Estate
From an ex-kitchen pirate turned realtor, give me a call and let's see what we can cook up for you today.

As a neighborhood agent, I am excited and ready to serve the people of Portland and beyond as I have for years, but in a deeper and more invested capacity. Over the last 22 years of catering to the specific needs of hundreds of thousands of clients in local restaurants (the last 7 at ¿Por que No? taqueria on Hawthorne), I have turned the grace and hospitality of one form of service and community investment into another here as a broker with Portland Digs.

Kitchens chipped away my harder edges and taught me many humbling values. Honesty. Accountability. Community. I’ve developed those values while under the immediate demands and timetables of an ever-shifting flow of client needs and specifications. I think on my feet and am always striving to be more graceful on them as well. I dance like no one is watching.

In life I identify as an octopus as I somehow manage to sprout six more arms than a human has the capacity for in order to juggle what is needed in the work that I do. Which helps along the path to buying or selling a home. Even more so when you are trying to do both at the same time.

Thankfully, life is not all work. Life is about sharing good community. My wife and I live in Foster-Powell. The best neighborhood in the world! We bought a house from a master gardener who curated her space so well that we had to learn how to keep up with it year round. It is a magnificent place and reminds me of what you can do with time and dedication to your surroundings. Which is what I give to my clients; time and dedication.


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