Foster Area

The Foster Area Business Association (FABA) is a group of business owners and representatives from Foster Road between Powell Blvd. and 82nd Ave. in Portland, Oregon.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Foster Road Map.


Membership is $100 a year for brick and mortar businesses and $50 for home-based businesses. Our member year starts on January 1 and goes to December 31.

2019 BOARD

President -Allen Rowand (Gray Dog Digital)
Vice-President- Kelsey Denogeon (Pieper Cafe)
Treasurer -Laura Kropf (Turmell Designs)
Secretary – Shannon Amrine (Starday Tavern)
Collectives Representative – Steve Woolard (Carts on Foster)
Past president -Matthew Micetic (Red Castle Games)

How to Promote to Us:

Email our staff person Dane at and tell him about your promotional opportunity. Please don’t spam members of the association, or use our contact info for unsolicited offers.

District Boundaries:

FosterBoundaries copy
Foster Boundaries highlighted in Orange

Special Thanks For Making This Site Possible:

Martinez Bateman Development Initiative
Steve Turmell Visual Communications