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Be A Part of the Foster Tasting Tour!

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Get ready for the second annual Foster Tasting Tour (formerly the Spirit of Foster Tasting Tour and Pub Crawl, which was far too long and didn’t fit on the posters).

Foster members are encouraged to sign up as a tasting stop before the deadline on Sunday, June 18.

Home Based Businesses and professional members are encouraged to be Tour Ambassadors. Ambassadors work four-hour shifts at a venue of their choice, handing out player books and stickers and telling players about their venue’s $5 special. Being an Ambassador is great because you get to introduce yourself to your neighbors and potential new clients!

“Being an ambassador for the Foster Tasting Tour was such a rewarding experience. Not only did I have the chance to socialize and interact with so many families and business owners in the Foster area to get to know them better but I was also able to share more about my home based business in a fun and relaxed environment. It was such a good way to get to know my neighbors better and understand the needs of the community. Plus it was just a blast!
– Jon Bebe, Collaborative Financial Group”

Email our staffer Marina at to sign up or read on for more information on how the Foster Tasting Tour works for your business!


  • All participating businesses must offer a $5 food, drink or other special during the tasting tour
  • We have both 21+ and family friendly businesses on the route so that everyone can participate
  • Patrons will receive a player passport to collect stickers in throughout the afternoon
  • Patrons have two opportunities to get a sticker at each venue:
    • 1 sticker when they order the special
    • 1 sticker when they order something other than the special
  • The more stickers patrons collect, the more they are eligible to win!
  • Prizes will be gift cards from participating businesses
  • Donate a gift card from your business for extra promotion
  • We will provide plastic boxes for patrons to submit their stickered books at the end of the event


  • Official Tasting Tour Ambassador is assigned to you to hand out stickers and explain the event
  • The ambassador will bring:
    • Passports: For Tasting Tour players
    • Wrist bands: For patrons who are IDed as 21 and over by an OLCC bartender
  • Clear plastic player passport collection box
  • Marina’s cell phone number (will be given out on day of event)
  • This instructional one-sheet


  1. Set a $5 food, drink or other special and tell your ambassador what the special is
  2. Give security wrist bands to people you’ve already IDed so the next bar won’t have to ID them
  3. Keep clear plastic collection box in a convenient spot for players to submit their tour books
  4. Track your sales! Tell Marina if you were over or under a typical Saturday night when she comes to get the collection box
  5. Donate a gift card for extra promotion! We’ll select winners on July 11


  • |NEW| Presentations – Businesses are encouraged to host performances and demonstrations
  • Call/text Marina if you run out of something or if you have any questions (her cell phone number will be on your day-of paperwork)
  • KEEP EVERYTHING and give any leftover books, stickers or wristbands to Marina for counting