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It’s Almost Tree Lighting at the November 2016 Meeting

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Freelancers rep Cathy from Concise Communication kicked off the meeting with an event inspired by that day’s Freelancers’ Happier Hour discussion: a tax talk. “Freelance and home-based business taxes can be complicated, and we have good tax and finance people in our membership. It makes sense to bring us together.” Cathy said. Financial planner Jon Bebe said he would be very interested in an opportunity to talk financial planning and tax prep with the freelancers. Everyone agreed that he would be an asset Staff person Marina will work with Cathy to coordinate a Freelancer’s Tax Talk so our members can connect with each other over this crucial business process.

Neighborhood Rep Allen of Gray Dog Digital reported on the Foster-Powell/Mt. Scott-Arleta Social. The neighborhood associations are talking about ways they can be more coordinated with each other for the benefit of all our neighbors. “They’re just really cool people and I had a lot of fun.” Allen said of the social.

President Matthew of Red Castle Games announced that the Annual Meeting and Elections will be on February 23 at 7pm at our members Tango Berretin. Vice-President Steve from Carts on Foster suggested that we not meet on our usual 2nd Tuesday of the month, since that’s Valentines day. “No offence to any of you, but I prefer to spend that day with my wife.” In deference to Steve’s lovely wife, the board moved their February meeting to 6pm on February 23, directly before the Annual Meeting.

Staff person Marina Martinez-Bateman announced the nest Tree Lighting working party on Nov. 16. There will be a free drink for everyone who comes to help promote and plan the associations annual non-denominational, family friendly Tree Lighting. Marina also got final approval on the membership packet, which will be sent to member prospects in December as part of our ongoing membership campaign.

As the meeting wrapped up, Matthew announced that Red Castle Games would be closed on Thanksgiving, and would open early at 9am on black Friday. Lisa from US Bank, Eastport Branch reminded everyone that the end of the year is a good time to take out an equipment loans. Secretary Laura of Steve Turmell Visual Communications took the opportunity to compliment Lisa on the US Bank Business After Hours event that she attended. Laura told Lisa “the speakers were very good.”

Allen announced that Gray Dog Digital sells gift certificates now. Steve announced that the neighborhood has been very generous following a string of cart break-ins that hit the Carts on Foster. “We have some good neighbors” he said.