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It’s All About Getting Ready at the October 2016 Board Meeting

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We talked a lot about preparations this month on Foster Road. The beginning of the Quarter marked the beginning of our membership campaign, Tree Lighting planning, and annual meeting prep.

To kick off the meeting our Treasurer Laura from Steve Turmell Visual Communications  passed around the financial statements for had every board member sign. She decided to implement signing based on her take-aways from the Venture Portland Treasurer’s Round Table, which is a quarterly educational networking event that’s available to business district treasurers as part of our Venture Portland membership.

Cathy Chang from Concise Communications reported on the Freelancers’ Happy Hour. The freelancers talked about invoicing, time tracking, negotiation and payment processing. The Freelancers’ Happy Hour is looking for ways to signal boost our meetings. Marina, our staff person will start using the Facebook budget set aside for freelancers to signal boost the meetings. John Bebe, financial analyst suggested some local freelancers groups to reach out to.

Allen Rowand of Gray Dog Digital, who is our liaison to the FoPo Neighborhood Association gave us an update on streetscape. At this time, the construction will start East of 82nd, which should take five months. After that, they will move West of 82nd working up to 52nd and that should take about six months.

Marina Martinez-Bateman, our staff person reported that five out of six grant items from last month are completed. Grant awards will be announced Nov. 1.

Cathy and Allen reported on the Quad Talk, which is a quarterly meeting that requires two board members from every district in the Pilot Project. The Pilot Project is a special project we were awarded in 2015 which pays for our staff person Marina, as well as several thousand dollars in grant money and special training from Venture Portland. The topic of this Quad Talk was retention. Cathy told the board “we learned that the second year of a project like this has a higher barrier than the first.” Allen added “It’s about keeping people motivated to keep the excitement of the first year.”

The board also discussed volunteer duties for Tree Lighting, which will be on November 29 at 6pm in Lauralwood park.