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Fostering Business Profile: Steve Turmell Visual Communications

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If you’ve been on Foster lately, you may have seen the colorful and informative Foster Road Map and wondered about the talent behind the artful layout, especially since our street is at a diagonal, a challenge for any design professional. Wonder no more, we are here with an exclusive member profile of local designer Steve Turmell.

How long have you been in business on Foster?

We’re proud to call the Foster Area home for 6 years and feel fortunate to be part of Foster’s re-branding and future success. We still consider it a humorous bonus when we trek to the west side of the city and see the fear in people’s eyes when we tell them we’re from the deep SE, like everything is Mad Max over here?


What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Partaking in the moment when all the work is done and a client suddenly realizes that there’s inherent value in having a great visual communications, corporate branding or success from a well-executed marketing campaign. Corporate branding is the face of your company and it helps establish credibility among the business community. I enjoy helping average brands become client/customer magnets. … Oh, and being able to realistically Photoshop myself with awesome six-pack abs in vacation pictures at the beach is pretty entertaining, too!


What’s the best way to take a break on Foster?

We walk up and down the road all the time – there’s so many! The food at Nayar and Tortalandia, the enormous, colorful sea of jello-shots at FoPo, Henry Higgins for morning fuel, Pieper for lunch, talking to the groovy folks at Red Castle Games, Starday for the music, and the Mercado – where I can get euphoric liquid jubilations in the form of Peach or Pineapple cider at Barrio!


What snack should we have at the next FABA meeting?

Did I mention the Peach or Pineapple cider? 🙂