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Seating Fails and Pub Crawl Successes at the July 2016 Meeting

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The least exciting thing that happened at the July Board meeting was the epic seating fail. But it’s still pretty exciting, so let’s talk about it. This time last year, only board members came to our meetings. So there was no confusion at all when it came to the fact that only the board can make a motion, second a motion or vote. One of the amazing side effects from having such a successful year, both for the Business Association, and and for Foster in general is that we have lots of people in our meetings now. Which we are over the moon happy about. But sometimes it’s hard to keep it straight who’s on the board, and what that even means.

Staff person Marina from Marina Martinez Consulting attempted to deal with this issue with environmental design, i.e. a head table all the board sat at/presided over.
cheerocracyLaura from Turmell Designs pointed out that it felt very high school cheer squad. So we went back to sitting together like regular people. Stay tuned for the September meeting, when we will be trying out a tent-card situation.

Once we were back together, the real work began. Cathy from Concise Communications announced that she would like to have a co-chair for the Freelancer’s Happy Hour. Steve from Turmell Designs volunteered and is now the new co-chair.

Allen from Gray Dog Digital reported that the neighborhood association is excited for our upcoming Foster Road Map, designed by our very own Steve Turmell from Turmell Designs. Steve announced that the map should be done and distributed in August.

Staff person Marina from Marina Martinez Consulting gave us some final numbers on the Pub Crawl Foster Tasting Tour, which took place on July 9. We estimated a total sales increase of $1800 above normal Art Walk sales for the four hours that the Tasting Tour took place. That works out to about $250 increase in sales per participating business.

Based on participant and retailer feedback, we’ll be making the tour go longer and later next year, adding more participating businesses, and we’ll offer more advertising opportunities for member businesses in the books, which we will be handing out before the Tasting Tour as part of our marketing effort. Our three raffle winners will be presented with their gift cards and announced on Facebook.