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Pub Crawl and Pilot Project at the June 2016 Meeting

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June’s meeting opened up with some really good news. Heather Hoell from Venture Portland came by to tell us that the East Portland Pilot Project, which we have been participating in for the last year was extended! That means that the staff person, grant money, and special advocacy we’ve benefited from in 2015-16 can continue into 2016-17. The board voted unanimously to enroll in year two, and we are happy to report that our staff person Marina from Marina Martinez Consulting will also stay on.

For year two, our Secretary-Treasurer Lara from Turmell Designs is looking forward to a bigger and even more awesome Tree Lighting. Other board members and attendees are excited for Business Mixers, more involvement in Second Saturday, and of course everyone is looking forward to Pub Crawl on July 9 (more on that later.)

President Matthew of Red Castle Games reported that a new mayor for Portland may mean new policies regarding camping in public space. He also reminded the board and the membership that we have an important Pilot Project meeting coming up, and asked for at least two representatives from the district to attend. Board members Allen from Gray Dog Digital, and Laura and Steve from Turmell Designs volunteered.

After that Matthew asked for a motion to nominate Allen, our neighborhood representative for a board position with Southeast Uplift. Past-President Kristin from Knock Out Words moved, and Freelance Representative Cathy from Concise Communication seconded. The vote was unanimously in favor of Allen being our nominee for Southeast Uplift Board. If he is elected, this will increase our connection to our neighbors here in Southeast Portland. Good luck Allen!

And now, the moment everyone’s been reading for: Pub Crawl! Officially named The Spirit of Foster Tasting Tour, it will take place on Saturday, July 9 from 4-8p.m. and it will be a family friendly event featuring member business, and is set to coincide with the Second Saturday Artwalk. The tour is going to start at Starday Tavern, where Justin and his crew along with Staffperson Marina will be checking IDs and handing out event bracelets for easy movement from one spot to another. For more info on participants and up to the minute updates, check out our Facebook event. Be sure to RSVP and share the event with your friends!

On the heels of Pub Crawl, another much anticipated member benefit: the walking map of Foster Road is coming out just in time for summer crowds. Steve Turmell of Turmell Designs presented the final design of the map and asked for every member to gather after the meeting to make sure their address, contact info, and categories were correct before we print this first-ever member benefit. Vice President Steve of Carts on Foster was very happy with the colors and design. The words “eye-catching” “sleek” and “modern” were used.

During announcements, it was decided that Neighborhood Rep Allen and Freelancer Rep Cathy would be given a permanent spot on future agendas for their reports. In the meantime, Cathy reported that the Freelancers are very happy at their new spot at the Portland Mercado, and that anybody who comes looking for them in the main hall should check out Barrio, because they tend to gravitate there.

Allen announced that the Foster-Powell National Night Out, which is on August 2 in Kern City Park from 6-8 p.m. is looking for vendors. The table is free, but there’s no electricity. He also announced that the Portland Open Studios Tour, which takes place over the second and third weekends in October  is looking for advertisers. For more information contact Allen via his member page.

At Starday Tavern, it’s their mascot Ghengis’ 10 year birthday party on July 17 from 4-6 p.m. which will also be a fundraiser for shelter pets.

Stacy from the Portland Tribune, which is the media group our members at The Bee call home, came by to remind everybody that The Trib offers free design and layout on all their advertising.