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Website and Map at the May 2016 Meeting

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We did the work of 10 business associations at the May meeting! We launched a website, nearly sold-out map advertising space, elected a new board member, had a great Streetscape discussion, and welcomed the new Venture Portland Vice President (guess who?!).

Marina Martinez and Ben Batemanfrom Marina Martinez Consulting presented the final website and asked for a vote in favor of launching. The board voted unanimously in favor and the site went live on May 11. Cathy from Concise Communication asked if we could have a newsletter archive on the site. Marina agreed to add it, and now you can find that by clicking here

Board President Matthew Micetic of Red Castle Games then presented his report. He told us about a business tax the mayor proposed that likely will not pass (Note: as of Wednesday, May 18, 2016 the tax is dead). He also reminded everyone that we have a free annual pass to Venture Portland trainings, which means that one person per training gets a free lunch and a chance to learn about things like district identity, membership campaigns, and the sharing economy at Venture Portland. Marina passed around the training schedule on a clipboard.

By way, Matthew is now the Vice President of Venture Portland’s Board. Congratulations!

Allen Rowand of Gray Dog Digital volunteered to be our representative at the neighborhood association meetings. Marina said we were looking for a liaison, and Matthew suggested Allen might want to take our empty at-large board seat. Allen said he would gladly take the position, it was motioned and seconded and the board voted unanimously to elect Allen as our neighborhood liaison. So, if you go the any of the neighborhood association meetings, say hi!

Cathy announced that the Freelancers Happy Hour is looking for a new home. Midpoint Cafe has changed their hours. (Note: As of May 2016, the Freelancers meet at The Portland Mercado. Click here to see the event)

Marina said she would find a new home for the freelancers, then Matthew announced a one time only deal on Foster Map advertising. Until the end of the meeting, map ads were $25 off, and the first two buyers got free website advertising. Seven businesses bought ads.

During our streetscape discussion, Robbie Tousignant from the SAVE Stores, Barbara Carpenter from Carpenter’s Tax, and Justin from The Starday Tavern all had very helpful and interesting things to say about how we can better serve Foster during these changes. It was decided that Marina would make a card with streetscape-related resources and contact info on it to hand out during her business visits, and to have at the meetings. Matthew reminded everyone that we can contact PBOT and arrange meetings with businesses who have concerns about the design. “We’re here to help, and it’s our job to represent you guys, but we can’t do that if we don’t hear from you.”

Amanda Doimas from Backstory Books reminded everyone to come out to 2nd Saturdays, and Marina reminded everyone that the May Mixer would be at the Portland Mercado, with free head shots for members from The Bee‘s own David Ashton.