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FABA Continues to Support Streetscape

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Matthew Mičetić and I own and operate Red Castle Games on Foster Road. I’m also president of the Foster Area Business Association, representing dozens of businesses on the Foster corridor between 49th and 82nd.
As you know, there is a small group of property/business owners on Foster who are displaying very loud signs in opposition to the upcoming Foster Streetscape. In their interviews with the media, they are portraying themselves as representing all businesses on Foster, and I want to assure you that this is not the case. As a business owner who has been on Foster for over 6 years, I support the Streetscape, as I have witnessed several crashes-including human-car crashes and a car that crashed into my store-so I can attest to the need for greater safety measures.
The Foster Area Business Association voted unanimously to support the Foster Streetscape in 2014 and at the hearing before City Council to pass the plan, not a single business owner testified against it.
Since then, FABA reach

ed out to all the businesses on the street, as has PBOT in order to educate and support them through the coming changes. We’ve secured free technical assistance for business owners via The National Hispanic Chamber, and we will be talking about Streetscape at every FABA meeting going forward and throughout the construction.
If you or anyone has questions about the opportunities Streetscape is bringing to businesses, please email me at or FABA’s staff person Marina at and we can get a coffee and talk about it.
A safer, more walkable Foster Road is good for our customers, and that’s good for business.




Matthew Micetic

President, Foster Area Business Association

1125 SE Madison Street, Suite 112 Portland, OR 97214