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Tom Crawford at the November Membership Meeting

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Left to Right: Laura Kropf; David Pristap; Tom Crawford; Kristin O’Neill; Matt Mičetić; Marina Martinez

In the midst of a true deluge that flooded parts of Powell Blvd, Tom Crawford, Legislative Aide to State Representative Nosse, came to our November meeting at the Carts on Foster.

Despite the ongoing rain, which battered the windows of the Cart’s indoor seating, he gave us a presentation about the legislation Rep. Nosse is working on to benefit businesses in Southeast. This includes tax credits for solar power and food processing equipment, and creating the Office of Small Business Assistance staffed by Oregon’s official Small Business Advocate, Ruth Miles. Click here to read more about the Office of Small Business Assistance.

In addition to this, initiatives that Rep. Nosse worked on brought $480k in investments and $370k in grants to small business owners in Oregon last year, as well as an exciting new way to raise capital.

The Community Public Offerings law allows ordinary Oregonians to invest directly in small Oregon companies, similar to the Kickstarter model, but as a security, investors get money back on their investment rather than thank-you rewards in exchange for a donation, which is how Kickstarter works.  Click here to read more about how the CPO works.

The board and the members were very happy to have Tom at our meeting, and we had a good discussion about the resources available to our businesses and businesses like ours.