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The Future Looks Bright. Go Solar.

Elemental Energy is a locally owned and operated solar PV design and installation firm located in Portland, Oregon. Founded by graduates of the first and only accredited Bachelor’s of Science degree program in Renewable Energy Engineering, our mission is to critically address the way that society uses and thinks about energy.

Elemental Energy is a global leader in residential, commercial, and mobile systems installation in the greater Portland area, as well as in Central America, Africa, and Asia in partnership Twende Solar. Solar Power World, the industry’s leading news source, selected us as one of the nation’s top solar contractors 2013 to 2016.

Focused on seeking solutions to the world-energy crisis through education and system implementation, Elemental Energy believes in ensuring our clients realize the benefits of their financial investments, and that they move forward confident in their path to energy independence.

With a fresh perspective, passion and enthusiasm for clean energy, and humanitarian outlook, Elemental Energy’s drive to create a healthier environment echoes in every consult and install we do. Whether you’re looking to utilize energy more efficiently, or are ready to produce your own, contact us — and take the first step towards a brighter future!


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